The Children.

This part begins with a "children-suite", evoking several childhood- stages and characteristics: "Cradle Song" (1), "First Steps" (2),"Mummy" (3), "Exploring the surroundings" (4), "Deep Sleep"(5, with bass 32'), "sadness" (6) followed by "it's unfair!" (7) and"Big Sorrow" (8) ending with "Fast Consolation" (9) and "Liveliness" (10); then we have: "Courage" (11), "Pleasure of forbidden things" (12) and "Pleasure of making noise" (13, with tutti).

The children's games are then described by a musical "game": a 27-notes canon for three voices: "let's play" (14), "one game more" (15); then "we change sides" (16, with theme inverted by thirds); at the end, a stronger and insistent voice is heard, above the "game": "it's time to return home, without discussion!"; they hurry to terminate the game, but it will remain unfinished. The theme of the "game" is taken again in "plans for the future" (17)(more animated) for the children's plans are not always well realistic; moreover, they make dreams of greatness: they imagine themselves as a President, a star or a cosmonaut; the pedal staff draws a triumphal arch. This part ends on a big optimistic chord, in A major, with reeds 32'.

This part "Children" may seem to lack some depth, but it's like the happy and carefree children who are there described...