The Adults

(24) "Distress". The young person, got adult, has (sadly) lost his illusions, his enthusiasm, or even his work: from C# major, we are now in C minor, in a situation of distress, where we complain, but there remains a desire to get out: the descending musical lines are accompagned by rising notes (but less), as also the chromatic theme. A short passage in "Voix Céleste" suggests an improvement brought by artificial means, but that don't solve the problems (come back of the chromatic theme). Near the end of this part, he forces himself, laboriously, to get back on his feet, but he feels he would not get out alone: the last bar is a real call for help, on the reeds.

(25) "Kyrie". A little by accident gone into a church, we find there an appeasing atmosphere (from that the E major tonality); from the vaults, a "Kyrie" is coming down, bald and quiet, all in major, song by a child-voice. This "Kyrie", all in major, is a little Utopian, and the comfort it brings is rather fragile.

(26) "Ave Maria". The modest comfort brought by the "Kyrie" finds expression in a page in A minor, which suggests that, if it's going better, not everything is resolved. Recourse to prayer being perhaps a mean to try, we attack the Ave Maria abruptly (child-voice) in G minor, like a last chance we seize. Confidence is coming back, and we go fast over to F major and A major; at "Sancta Maria", it's an exclamation of hope (in F, with Mixtures and ground 32') and we go over to D major. After a double warm "Amen", the last bars express some recovered serenity.

(27) "Resolute". All that was well beautiful, but we have to come back to the reality, that is to say a half-tone lower: C# minor. We pluck up courage: the left hand, dynamic, against the right hand, still plaintive. The same theme is repeated: with "wrong notes" at the beginning, what obliges to do it again, like in life, where not everything is going well at the first attempt. Progressively, the theme becomes richer and stronger, ending in an exclamation of final victory on the fate, in C# major.